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JCHS LibGuide: Dell Insurance Information

Dell Repair

Steps For Reporting Your Dell Damaged or Stolen 2021-22


For damaged devices:
a) File a claim under your account at
b) After you file your claim, print the claim form PDF or write down your claim number.
c) Take your damaged device, charging cord and the claim information to Ms. Stafford in the library.

For Loss or Theft:

File a claim under your account at Notify the school of the incident and a police report will need to be filed within 5 days of discovery of the incident. Email to a copy of the police report, your claim id, along with any fees that the school has or will issue to you for the lost/stolen device. Claim payment will be made to the Insured who will be responsible for paying the school for any imposed fees.

Note:  When filling out a claim form, you will be asked for the serial number of your Dell.  This number can be found on the charging cord and on the back label of the Dell.  If are having trouble locating the number, contact Ms. Stafford.

Purchase Insurance for 2022-23 - Deadline October 16, 2022