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JCHS LibGuide: Avoiding Plagiarism

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Some examples

Some Examples of Plagiarism:

*Using someone else’s words or ideas as if they are your own

*Quoting or summarizing without giving credit or using a citation

*Copying work from others

*Copying/pasting or downloading from online resources

*Listing sources in your bibliography that you didn’t use

Plagiarism is...


Academic Integrity

"We at James Caldwell High School. in accordance with our mission statement, seek to foster responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners. To achieve this goal, we promote academic integrity which is essential to the intellectual growth and success of our students. 

We expect the students at JCHS to sincerely pledge:

  • to complete their own assignments and not to copy work from a classmate
  • to keep their answers confidential and exclusive on graded assignments
  • to cite and outside sources and receive credit only for their own work
  • not to receive any unfair advantage by asking fellow students "what is on the test?"
  • to fully participate and equally share responsibilities in a group work setting
  • to refrain from being chronically absent on days assigned to tests, assessments, and projects
  • not to cheat on tests through a variety of ways such as looking at someone else's paper or using unauthorized means, including cell phones and other electronic devices

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined as "taking credit for work, word, and/or ideas that are not the student's own, whether taken from periodicals, books or other publications, internet sources, or contemporary publications without properly citing the source." All information that one finds and uses from the Internet, books, periodicals, pamphlets, etc. must be documented. Failure to properly cite sources will result in appropriate due process which may ultimately result in the assignment of a zero "0" for the work and disciplinary consequences. 

Cheating: No form of cheating is acceptable.  All instances of cheating will be graded with a zero "0," for that assignment or assessment, with no opportunity to make up the grade.

We encourage our students to respect the James Caldwell learning environment.  Students will be held accountable for their own work. Engaging in any of the above infractions will result in both academic and disciplinary consequences. All infractions will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee."

JCHS Student Handbook 2015-2016, p.11-12

How to Avoid Plagiarism

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Looking for more information?  

Check out this presentation on plagiarism, by Brenda Lemon, District Librarian at Chapman School District
Chapman KS. is a great resource on this topic.